GCAE – Nieuwsbrief december 2022

The golf industry has never seen so many changes at the same time. A healthy growth of a new generation of golfers with new demands, shortage of staff and opportunities with technology, stricter regulations on water use and sustainable maintenance of golf courses. They all force the industry to rethink itself. And that is what we will do in Portugal during the 15th Golf Business Conference.

Our first theme to rethink: Rethinking our offering to the new generations of golfers The golf courses have flooded with new golfers in the recent years. It is vital to keep them on board. How to do so? What kind of offering we give them? New pricing models are begin introduced. What works, what does not? And also: how do we keep the inflow of new golfers alive with up-to-date marketing tools? Our first block will deal with all this with presentations from surprising speakers.

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GCAE and the Royal and Ancient of St. Andrews seek cooperation

Recently Phil Anderton, Chief Development Officer of The R&A, GCAE President Lars Havrevold, board member Colin Mayes and director Lodewijk Klootwijk met to discuss the potential for cooperation with the principal owner operated golf course facilities to grow the sport in Europe.

The R&A has chosen a new proactive approach in its effort to support the growth of golf “Working with well-known influencers creates potential for the growth among new target groups.” says Phil Anderton. “We need welcoming courses to turn the interest created by the influencers into people picking up a club and becoming real golfers. Traditional and commercial golf courses can both play an important role in achieving this objective.”

Lars Havrevold is enthusiastic about the new direction The R&A has developed: “This approach brings us closer to each other in a cooperation to grow the game of golf together with the whole golf industry.” GCAE Board member Colin Mayes of the Burhill Group Ltd adds: “In the UK we are keen to work with The R&A on its new initiatives to help create and develop new golfers and deliver a positive return on its investment in the promotion of the sport.”

The R&A is also activating new programmes to encourage existing golfers to play more and lapsed golfers to return. This season, The R&A tested a golf and health campaign in Wales which showed very positive effects on golf participation. Existing golfers strongly increased their numbers of rounds played and lapsed golfers picked up the game again in many cases.

Lodewijk Klootwijk said: “About 50% of the golf courses in Europe are owner operated and we see that they are responsible for a major part of the growth of the game. Connecting and working with The R&A to promote golf among our members will benefit all stakeholders. We also look forward to helping develop further initiatives as our relationship grows”.

NGCOA CEO Jay Karen nr 24 in Worlds most powerful people in golf

Jay Karen, ceo of our US-sister organization, is named 24 in the top 100 most influential people in US golf. And guess what: Jay Karen is coming to our conference. To give you insights in the developments in the USA Golf Business.

NGCOA Canada conference sold out

For the first time since the start the conference of our Canadian sister-organisation was sold out with 500 delegates. CEO Jeff Calderwood was pleasantly surprised, since the conference was organized on the West coast: far away from the biggest golf markets in Canada. Also suppliers attendance was at an all time high. Very curious if this trend will also come to Europe..

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Former PGA chief executive Sandy Jones passes away

The world of golf has paid tribute to Sandy Jones, a golfing ‘visionary’, key architect in the evolution of The PGA, the Ryder Cup and growth of the game worldwide, who has passed away following a short illness. Jones, who was 75, joined the PGA in 1980 and served it until his retirement in 2017 after a stellar career that saw him become one of golf’s most influential and respected administrators. Read more..


The acquisition of Albatros Datenservice and Digital Golf Solutions by the US NBC Sports is a clear step of the US company to expand into Mainland Europe and South Africa. NBC is the owner of Golfnow, the biggest online platform for teetimes in the US. You could say that GolfNow is the equivalent of Booking.com for the golf industry. The US greenfee market depends for a big part on the role of Golfnow. An important strategic issue to discuss within our golf business family in Europe! Read more..

Yamaha introduces Lithium-Ion batteries

This year Yamaha Motor introduces two new models, each powered by a high-performance maintenance free Roypow® LFP cobalt-free Lithium-Ion battery. This new Lithium-Ion battery covers a number of key benefits:

  • Fast, smooth acceleration and greatest top speed compared to lead acid batteries, including 20% faster on a 15-degree incline.
  •  Maintenance free, saving time and labor costs. Longer battery life of up to 8 years, with a 5-year warranty.
  • Quicker charging time, 1.8 times faster than a lead acid battery.
  • Lighter (25% to be exact), allowing for greater speeds, less wear on tires and brakes, and less turf damage.
  • Impressive driving range, allowing for over 3 rounds of golf per charge.

Want to know more? Nice movie on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Vyxf9rSYuE